Episode 146

Top Tips for a Successful Placement in General Practice

In this special episode of The Good GP, Dr Krystyna de Lange is joined by a number of doctors from current GPs in training through to experienced GPs and GP supervisors to share their top tips for having a successful placement in General Practice. Whether you are a GP in training just starting out, a GP supervisor or practice owner who supports trainees or even a GP just wanting a refresh, there is something in this episode for everyone.

Dr Bruce Willett, immediate past Vice President of the RACGP, emphasises the importance of considering the patient in front of you as your responsibility.

Dr Rebecca Loveridge, recently appointed chair of the RACGP GPs in training faculty, recommends creating templates for study notes and exam preparation.

Dr Emmon Mubbashir, a new fellow and international medical graduate, provides insights on the right time to write fellowship exams.

Dr Clay Rowe, an RVTS registrar, shares the importance of preparing for exams from day one and treating each patient consult like an exam question.

Dr Michael Clements, current vice president of the RACGP, stresses the significance of using time as a diagnostic and therapeutic tool in general practice.

Dr Karen Savery, a GP and medical educator, encourages curiosity and asking questions as a key way to learn as a GP.

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